Friday, May 05, 2006

my last issue

So my last issue for the Murfreesboro Pulse was released on Thursday. I was waiting for the release to post because I wanted to see how it looked. I feel as though I have accomplished much in this semester working for the pulse and have learned the ropes. I do plan to keep writing for them while my career path unfolds. Hopefully one day they will become a well known paper full of ads so that I can get a paid job with them. The last issue was about Cinco de Mayo and the history of it. That was interesting to do, one because I got to find out about the history of the date, and two because of learning how to deal with problems. The main problem was the language barrier. I had to talk to many mexican restauraunts in town and ask about celebrations that they may be having. I learned quickly that patience would be needed for this interview. But I made it out ok and the story made the paper. I really am glad for the experiences that I had writing for them. Hopefully I will be able to use these in post-graduation world. Thanks again for reading my blogs and bearing with me. Hopefully one day you'll see the name Travis Young and recognize it from these days as a student. Bubye.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Last Day Disaster

I hope I made it! I have come a long way as far as my writing technique. This internship has definitely helped me to receive constructive critiquing before I go into the corporate world. For my last feature story on I finally wrote the story how I know was sure to impress my supervisor. I sent it to him proudly, only for him to give the credit to a former athlete. Yes, at the end of my feature...Was not my name. I was upset but i totally understood...seeing as how he was understanding when I had a diffucult time writing his particular writing style. All ended well . Good experience
P.S. He later corrected it !

Time's Up

I just wanted to submit my last entry. I'm really proud of what I have accomplished at Word this semester. I have had so many memorable experiences and have even made some great friends along the way. Graduation is Saturday, so that is exciting! Rich told me that I did a great job this semester. He told me that his interns really saved him during GMA preperation and that made me feel great. I wanted my internship to be more than mailings and getting coffee and it was. I highly recommend any students in the future looking for a great internship to look into Word. I hope everyone has a great Summer.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It's All Over

Well the suspense is over and the team has been eliminated. Yesterday, Monday May 1, was my last day to come into the office to finish up a few things. The feeling is very bittersweet. It is a huge relief to no longer be devoting 35 to 50 hours a week to free labor for the Nashville Predators. However, I will miss all the people I worked and learn from in the organization. The end of the game on Sunday was disappointing as all the game night staff, who I worked with during the games said good-byes. Throughout the season everyone had become very close and almost like family to each other. Yesterday, I talked with my boss and company official about the quality of performance and who I enjoyed the internship. Everyone was very pleased with my level of work, and although there is immediate opening within the company, I was assured that I would be notified if their was a job they felt I would be qualified for.
Although, I spent a lot of time and money in the last four and half months with my internship for the Nashville Predators, I wouldn't change anything about it. I was able to get a broad range of experience from promotional writing to special events to game operations. I would recommend this internship to student who are willing to do a lot of work, but get a great experience of what the front office of a major sport organization is like.

Only Time Will Tell

(Sunday April 30) Because of my busy schedule I am writing this blog alitte late. Since the Predators first playoff win on April 21, we have been sitting and waiting to see if the team will live to play another day. The Friday April 21 win, was probably the most exciting moment of my entire internship. However, even after the exhilarating win the team has lost there next three game putting them in grave danger of being eliminated from the NHL playoffs. Now I wait for the team to tell me when my internship is over. Whenever the team is eliminated I have a few days after I have to come into the office, but then it is over.

Before this internship I never really considered myself a Predators fan, but after this semester I feel I will continue to support the team even after my internship is over.

Monday, May 01, 2006

blogged out

Hello again. I'm really excited about not ever having to blog again for the rest of my life. I'm just being honest. I really hate having to do this all the time, but I have really enjoyed my internship. It has given me some really great experience in the music industry and has really opened my eyes to a lot of issues that I didn't even realize existed. For instance, I never knew that such a tiny mistake could make such a huge impact.

Here's what happened. My boss sent out a press release via email just like he always does. He sent it to about 100 media and to everyone in house. Thursday, I'm just sitting at my cubicle typing away and all of a sudden I hear him yell, OH CRAP! Eventually everyone in the office knew what was going on and they were all frantic and astonished. I still didn't know what was going on until I heard that it was about the press release. I opened up my email and found the release. It was about a new band that we just started promoting. Then I was told by some coworkers to click on the link at the bottom that is supposed to lead to the band's page. Yeah, you click on it and it leads to a picture of a naked woman. No kidding, this actually happened. He actually had to send out a retraction. It was really bad, but funny at the same time. I felt so bad for my boss.

One to grow on!

Im not sure if I have enough blogs, so if I don't here is one to grow on. I survived my first 8 game homestand and Im on to my second one. I have many jobs during the game. Sometimes I work the fan relations booth. This includes sitting behind a both and dealing with fans and their problems. For instance, I had to take care of a problem when a fan was very upset because a player cussed them out after they heckled him. I had to tell them, "Im sorry but we are not responsible for the players. We are sorry that this happened." I also am in charge of the promotionsl drawings that take place. After certian innings I pull a name from a box and radio up to the announcer to tell them who one he then calls them out. If Im not doing the fan relations booth, I help the promotions team. With this job, I walk around the stands giving out free cupons, like if we strike out a certain batter everyone gets free windsheild whiper fluid. Thursdays are my favorite though. I am a beer girl on this night and I make alot of money. I was asked to do this by my boss and no other intern wanted to do it. (they thought it was beneath them to pour beer) I on the other hand knew the this meant lots of tips. In my first hour I made $100 this makes up for the lousy pay I receive as an intern. The best part about this is that sometimes I can jsut go sit in the stands and watch the game. My most imortant job however is I am the person who writes the standings for all AAA minor leagues and for the major leagues. You would not believe the people that keep up with this stuff. I have people with score keeping books who wait behind me and fill in their books as I write each teams standings. I hope that this is enough blogs I did not keep up with exactly how many I did. I really love my internship and I am so excited that I had this opportunity. It was a great experience!

Friday, April 28, 2006


This is my last blog. I have definitely had a great semester. I hope everyone else has too. I am so glad that I got this internship. It was really cool. There might have been some small drama, but hey I was the talk on a couple forums for a few hours. It has also made me think about going in to radio, something that I said a little while ago that I didn't really see myself doing. I am glad thought that the semester is over because I really do need a break. I am almost done with school for a few weeks. I want to maybe do another internship where I can see a different kind of PR. I don't know exactly what I want to do, so I want to try a bunch of different things. I am also excited that there is hope for me to actually get a job in my field when I graduate. I know so many people that got out of school and aren't doing anything close to what they want to be doing. That won't be me. I have also discovered that I am not so bad at designing web pages promoting entertainers. I did a page for a friend that I work with. It isn't something that I would make a career out of, but it is something I could definitely do on the side for extra money. Well good luck to everyone on their finals and congrats to those graduating!

Last one!

Since this is my last blog I want to comment on how different my internships were! My first internship was a very good introduction internship! I learned the basic skills to succeed in managing an office and some helpful tips in obtaining a career in public relations! My second internship at CMA was amazing. I felt like I was actually employed there in their communications department! I guess I am writing this to stress the importance of doing as many internships as possible! Now I have almost a year experience and some great things to put on my resume! I encourage everyone to get out there and get experience! Also, I have been a member of PRSSA...everyone should look into that too...its a great networking opportunity!! Well, its been a great semester, but I am out! Good Luck everyone!

Almost done, but not quite!!!

Well, guys the semester is wrapping up, but that doesnt mean my internship is over!! The CMA Music fest is one of the biggest things the Country Music Association does each year! The music fest is Jun 8-11 and I am going to be helping them out until then. I have learned so much this semester and I am really sad that it is over!! This will probably be my last internship because I have already done two! Next semester is my last semester and I am kinda scared about graduating! I hope to keep in contact with CMA and hopefully some day get a job there or somewhere similar. I was really impressed with the company and the employees!! This makes me realize how important it is to keep in contact with people. It also to know people in this business, but I am working on it! I hope everyone had as good of a semester as I did! I am going to write one more because I think I need one!

second to last

I am going to have to write two of these today because my internet decided it didn't want to work. I wish I could stay at my internship through the summer. That would be so great. I know that there will be even more to do and I will acutally have time instead of squeezing the time into my busy schedule. I know in the summer they also have more fun things outside like at Nashville Shores and other random outdoors places around town. It has also been cool how the radio station has been supporting our sports teams. Right now the Predators are in the playoffs and the station had a watching party at O'Charleys. That is just fun. I am glad that I made some of the contacts that I did, I just wish I had gotten to know everyone better. It was cool to learn that a lot of the people at the station have other things that they do on the side. You know, unrelated to radio. Some times it is hard to get away from something like a radio station, but they seem to. And they don't seem to let what other people, like fanatics, get to them. It is just a good atmosphere to be in. And even though I was at the station, I was listening to it before and after I got in and out of my car. I just never got tired of it.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


And here we are, the end of the semester. For me, the end of the line. I am graduating in a little over a week from now. I have mixed feelings about that. I am kind of happy, a little proud, and very scared. I do not really think that I have received a very good education at MTSU. I know that sounds really mean, but I am being honest. I know you might read that I am just another slacker who is not willing to put the time and effort into getting a good education, but that is not the case. I feel like I was never allowed to nurture my creativity and express myself. It seemed like my professors were always telling me how THEY wanted it done, not how I wanted to do it. How can you find your own style if someone is always imposing their restrictions on you? I don't know. It has been fun, for sure, but I think I would have been better at a different school, or at least in a different department. One of my roommates is in the art dept. as a graphic design major, a and even though he isn't even a junior yet he can already do things that NO media design major can do. That isn't a dig at us MD majors either, I am just trying to point out that they have a much more rigorous set of classes that really push you to become better at design. I feel like I spent 85% of my time doing reporting and editing here 10% core and a measly 5% learning how to design. It just seems out of whack. When I look at some of the work undergrads are doing at other colleges, and even in other departments at our college, it makes me wonder if I didn't make a grave mistake choosing media design as a major.

That being said, regardless of how I feel about the education I got, I have made some unforgettable memories here. I have met friends and even a few professors who I will always remember. If that is the essence of the college experience, then I guess I had a pretty good college experience.

Almost Done

My time at Word is almost over and I'm pretty sad to leave. Anna, of Myrrh Records, spent some time with me today putting some mailings together for the release of Jaci V, Nicole Mullins and Rachel Lampa's new greatest hits albums. I'm pretty sure I won't miss stuffing envelopes or making hundreds of copies but I am stoked to have had a hand in all this for a while. Rich invited me to a Word showcase on Tuesday that will wrap up my internship. He promised me that I would finally get to meet the other intern who works for him on the opposite days. I kid him all the time about how I don't think she even exists.

Right now I'm spending some time emailing my friends about the new "Pocket Full of Rocks," a new Myrrh label group, album. I encourage anybody who has time to visit and vote for their next radio single. My personal favorite is "Worth Everything." The website will let you listen to the top four choices.

Anyways, Rich promised me that he would let me write up a press release today so that I could get some real experience under my belt. I'm going to get to that.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

End of the semester

Well guys...the end of this semester is upon us. You know what that means--papers, projects, and all sorts finals. For my last couple of weeks at the News an dPublic Affairs Office, I've done quite a bit. I have written a few more stories. One of them is in the April 24 edition of The Record. I am so proud of myself and all the work that I have accomplished. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to do it, but I did. Hopefully I've gained enough skill to move on to something a little bigger. I still plan to work for the same office next semester, but I would like to do something different over the summer. Any suggestions?
Anyway, the story that is printed now is about the relationship between physical fitness and academics. I interviewed Brandi Eveland, a graduate student at MTSU. She did research on this subject with children in elementary school. Her findings were a little surprising. The only way to find those out is to read my article. I can't give everything away.
My next story turned out pretty well also. It also has a little to do with fitness, but it's more about how to get in shape and stay in shape. For those of you who may not know, there is a program designed for that in Murfreesboro. That is all I will say on that. I don't want to spoil it for anyone.
Well I think my time is up and I have really enjoyed working in the News and Public Affairs Office. I hope I'll be able to do it again next semester. If not, I'll just have to find a new internship/practicum. I hope everyone has a good summer!

Best Wishes

I hope this is not too late! I know today is the last day of class!
First of all, I am very sad that this interning position is drawing to a close. However, I am excited about getting to work this Summer!
Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day at The Media Collective. One of our publicists was in New York City with MercyMe, and so it was great to see how her trip went! I basically just did a lot of mailings. And I am also pitching John Tesh to 2 Las Vegas newspapers because he is doing a show there at the end of May. I was also doing follow-up calls and emails to other newspapers who we had previously pitched too. Somer were very responsive, others would not give us an answer either way!!! No offense, but newspapers seem to be the worst:0) It was a great day though; I got a lot accomplished!
Best wishes in the future everybody!