Friday, March 31, 2006

EMI CMG: Dove RSVPs and Hawk Nelson

The Christian music industry is gearing up for Gospel Music Association (GMA) week next week, which culminates with the GMA Music Awards on April 5 (aka Dove Awards). I am proud to say that, while I won't get to attend the awards show, I've had some small piece in planning the after-party for our artists. First, I stuffed and sealed most of the invites, which had an earthy mint green and brown color scheme. However, my coolest role was manning the RSVP hotline! Our invited guests called a hotline number to RSVP, and it was my job to check the voice messages each day at my internship. I used my speakerphone so I could hear and type at the same time. As guests called in to RSVP, I found their names on an Excel spreadsheet, listed the number in their party, and recorded any phone numbers they gave. It was kind of like opening a present each day, wondering if someone famous had left a message. Although it was mainly managers calling in for their artists, I heard a few Christian music stars (and wives of stars) securing their place at the after-party. Since our company's corporate office is in England, I heard a few British accents, too!
By the way, I spotted Hawk Nelson, a Christian punk band, at our office today for a conference involving the international music department. I was carrying lamps to our main conference room, and I started hearing live music. Sure, there's usually a faint hint of music wafting around the building, but live music isn't as common. I noticed the song right away ("She's got every little thing I wanted, And it still feels just like the day it started, Say good bye to the broken hearted, And I could never express the way I felt before tonight..."), so the little snippet I heard was definitely a welcome Friday treat!

Market place

In a previous blog I wrote about the Market Place. Now it is time to start developing the newsletter idea. The Market Place will be a tool for regional directors within the company to use to guide them toward successful marketing.
I know successful marketing sounds odd, however not many attempts made to advertise a company such as ours has proven to be change motivating. For example, a spot in the newspaper for our target market generally does not bring in new patients.
The Market Place newsletter will be published monthly to help regional directors to determine their ROI, advertising budget, and to help them communicate issues occurring within their clinic to other directors to help develop a solution.
There is a lot of work that goes into a newsletter such as this. We (the interns) have to develop a survey to ensure the newsletter contains information the RD's want to hear. Also, paper surveys aren't as successful as phone surveys. I compiled a list of all the RD's so that we can call them personally.
There is so much to do and yet our time here is almost over.

Spring Fever

Well, when you intern at a Christian Music Label, as you can imagine, it's a little crazy prior to GMA week. Gospel Music Awards week that is, which is next week, the first week of April. I have been invited to the Provident after party, which sounds pretty swank. It's at Two Rivers Mansion in Franklin, TN. I am excited about this. Also, much to my dismay, since it is GMA week, my people will be out of the office so I don't have to come in at all. This is music to my ears because my Senior Advertising Campaigns Project is due the week after next and I really need to focus on that. It is coming together well. I have almost fulfilled my hours here at Provident and it seems like only yesterday that I started. This semester - where did it go? Anyone else feel like this?

Leslie Jones

Thursday, March 30, 2006

lots of busy work

Last week things at the station were pretty relaxed. I really like the atmosphere. Even though there was a big concert very near, it was no big deal. My boss is very easy to work for. My friend Ashlee came by last week. She is one of the DJ's at the station. Before she came though, I got to sit in on a meeting my boss was having with a company about some of the promotional items they have. She was reordering a lot of the same things they already had, but also getting some new stuff. She and the representative were talking about colors being Pantone and standard and I actually knew what they were talking about. It is something small and silly, but I was excited that there might be some hope for me in this industry yet! So I ended up leaving the meeting to talk to Ashlee, who showed me some things that I could do when it was slow around the station that would be really helpful. Ashlee interned at the station over the summer so she knew how I was feeling. Sometimes you have to find things to do, which is okay, but I don't always know where to look. So she showed me some stuff I could type up for the DJs and where the prize bins were kept. Even those little things take time and that is good because there are days when I want something to do. So she and I cleaned out the bins and stocked them again for the Spring Break and Shake concert and for the two other remotes that same day. It wasn't much, but it was one less thing that my boss had to do. It was cool to see that there is a process that goes with putting the bins together, like considering if there is a sponsor, where the remote is, and what things are going on at the time (like a movie premiere). When we finished with the bins, Ashlee and I took the Durango to put gas in it. She showed me which gas station to go to and where the Durango was parked. I found a new project... the Durango needs a serious cleaning. Inside and out. So the next time I am looking for something to do, I know everyone will be more than happy for me to clean out the Durango.

Phasing in the Web site

Ok, so... last blog I talked about the chef interviews a lot because it seemed they had a lot of promise as far as getting to write goes. But, that may not happen till the summer now, when this internship is over, but I'll still be working there. Anyways, phase one of the Web site was decided upon and that will include a listing and some write ups of the winners and that will come out in June or July maybe. Then during phase two, we'll start adding blogs, coupons, chef stories, and all the fancy interactive stuff. But, I guess everyone is getting so bogged down with not seeing anything published that they just wanted to get something out there. Good news too - out of the 50 areas we're researching and doing reviews for restaurants in, we've only got 13 more to enter into the data base...thank the Lord. After they're all entered I'll get to start writing descriptions for them, woohoo!

And, the book release was moved from May 13th to May 20th. Things are always changing aren't they? Nothing is ever set in stone in this business. Maybe that's what I like about it. Is it being noncommital or flexible?

Let The Good Times Roll!

Hey Everybody!!!
Wow! What a week:0) Excitement and stressfulness is literally everywhere at The Media Collective. Next week is the 37th annual Gospel Music Awards. A week filled with interviews, conferences, concerts, and an awards show (The Dove Awards)! I will be working with our publicists Sunday through Wednesday and I am so excited!!! Maybe I will get some good stories to tell you all!
This week has been the final week of preparation! I have confirmed interviews and schedules, mailed & Fed Exed journalists CDs, and confirmed arrangements for dinner, passes, and yes even pipes & drapes! Plus, we have 2 releases next week at The Media Collective: Hawk Nelson "Smile, It's the End of the World" sophomore release and Steven Curtis Chapmans new children's book "A Thunder and Lightning Bug Story"; his 3rd installment. All of those mailings have to be done this week, because next week is GMA!
However, I receievd some sad news this week while at work! Our Vice President Stacie, one of my biggest influences and encouragers, is leaving the company and industry as of early May!!! Though I will be leaving around that time as well, it really made me sad and, yes, I even cried. I spend around 18-20 hours with these women every week, and I look up to them so much! But I guess people leaving and pursuing other venues is a drawback to any job!
Thanks so much for reading everybody!! Have a great weekend!
How is everybody? Finally some nice weather, huh? Wow, it can't be good if I am starting this blog by talking about the weather. Anyway, I had my first real job interview last Friday. I won't say who it was for (out of fairness), but I will say that I hope that it isn't any sort of indicator about what to expect in future job interviews. The interview itself lasted aver an hour, which was okay I guess. The only reason why I came away from the whole process disgruntled is because of the proposed pay. As a soon-to-be graduate I expect to be offered more pay than what I was making for my first summer job... as a sophomore in high school. I realize that I will not start off making huge dollas, but at least enough to cover the bills! The pay they were offering wouldn't even cover the gas money it would take to drive there. In fairness though, the interviewers were professional and courteous. I have no ill will toward them or their business. I just do not feel like it would have been a good fit. I am shifting my focus now toward some of the newspapers around this area such as the Tennessean, or possibly the paper in Chattanooga (the name escapes me) Time will tell. I am trying to give it some thought, but I still have other responsibilities to concern myself with. Take care.

Several Events Coming Up

I made it through another week again. It seems as though you get one chance to come up for air and here comes another wave again. Next week is going to be quite a challenge to get through but I'll manage. The Student Programming Coordinator, myself, and the future Council Chair-woman are going to be holding 2 focus groups concerning the effectiveness of our pep rallies during the fall football games. My main concern is that students who have no interest in football/pep rallies/events on campus will not find interest in talking about it among other students. So I have come up with the idea for a survey so that we can get a more accurate account of what students think/feel/taste/breathe...whatever!

Also, next week we are bringing a speaker, Camille Cellucci, who will share her knowledge about move magic and an inside look at visual effects. She has been a visual effects producer on "Titanic", and has worked on "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", "Willow", "The Abyss", "Speed", "The Matrix" and other films. I'm actually pretty excited about this and hope that other students are interested as well.

Well that's it for me today. And like Steve Perry said, "Don't stop believing."....thank you Steve, thank you...

Media logs

This week is all about media call logs at Bridgestone/Firestone.

Because our huge Formula Drift event is not till next week,we have time to do some "spring cleaning" around the office and do some backed up work.

I am updating all the media calls, PR calendars and media lists in our shared drive. This may sound tedious, but they have assured me here that it's very important. I'm sure that's what they always say.....:) I don't mind!
Our beautification project in Providence Park!

The interns in the building, including myself, held a charity lunch yesterday to raise money for Junior Achievement. It was a success! I like being part of all the events and charities that the company does. Last Saturday we did a beautification project in Providence Park, which we helped build through Habitat Through Humanity.

Bridgestone/Firestone is really a charitable, philanthropic company that I never was aware of till I started here! I'm proud to be a small part in a company that does so many great things for so many good causes!!!

until next week,

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Light at the End of the Tunnel

This week has proven to be my most hectic one yet. April is going to be crazily busy as well. I have been asked this week to take on a well-known probono client that MP&F works with every year and do the PR for this organization on my own. My client is Hands on Nashville. Basically, HoN is a service organization that likes to get local Middle-Tennesseans involved in weekend community service projects. Some of the projects include knitting clubs (that knit tiny hats) for NICU premies. There is also a rendition of "Extreme Makeover," where HoN (with the help of over 2,000 volunteers and Home Depot) goes to Metro schools in need of assistance, and basically fixes up the school for the youth. There is strong talk that ABC will pick up the idea. If that is the case, the organization will receive national coverage. Nothing could be better for HoN or for me. I am also working on two other releases this week. One release is a First Bank new hire announcement and the other piece is a meth awareness release about Green Ribbon Day (a day to resist meth in metro schools). I am planning to pitch them to the media Friday, and am hoping all goes well. I might be published several more times. I am also going to do a feature story for the meth campaign that basically follows the plight of a former meth addict and her struggle to get clean. It will be out by the end of April. I also have my general day to day tasks and clip days to keep up with. Wish me luck because I am going to need it to make it through this tremendous workload. :)

Fun, laughs, and immaturity at the state legislature

I don't know about the rest of you, but fun as this internship is, I almost wish it was over because term papers and other end-of-the-semester stuff are really starting to stress me out!!!!

Just had to get that out.

Tuesday at Legislative Plaza was an almost sordid mixture of fun local politics, emotional-yet-reasoned logic, and petty, school-yard-style bullying.

I began the day in the House Judiciary Committee and had the extreme good luck to be able to witness local-political-novelty John Jay Hooker rant at the representatives for about a half hour. He is truly something else. Even if you don't agree with his politics (and I usually don't), he is spectacularly entertaining.

Things turned sour after that. In a different committee meeting, I witnessed a roomful of powerful and supposedly competent, responsible adults (other state reps) publicly humiliate another representative for no reason other than they don't like her for being a strong, successful, and hard-to-imtimidate black woman.

I was embarassed by their behavior.

So tired

Well, my internship has finally caught up with me. I have been so tired this past week with tons of school projects, working a regular job and being an intern/slave as well. Not that I'm bitter! I'm just ready to be done. Saturday, I worked from 9-3:30 after staying out rather late. We had two remotes, one at 5/3 Bank and one all the way in Columbia at Blockbuster. We didn't even have time for a lunch break scheduled in, needless to say I was not a happy camper!
My internship has really shown me that I want a job with normal hours. Promotions is a hard job because you are pretty much at everyone else's mercy. If the sales person schedules a remote at 7am, we have to be there. Promotions also has alot of inconsistensies, because events are dropped and added at the last minute, and you are expected to drop what you are doing to be there. Promotions is stressful!!! The good thing is there are at least 2 other people suffering with me.
Sunday, I also had to work. We did a remote at Bill Heard Chevrolet. This was the least planned event I have done so far. First, there were five of us working the event...we only had maybe 4 groups of customers show up at Bill Heard. I don't think the event was advertised very well. Also, I think that when people are thinking about buying, which involves a lot of money, they aren't really interested in playing games for a radio station. So basically all 5 of us sat there for 4 hours total and did nothing. (Normally we aren't allowed to sit at events, so this tells you how dead we were!) This is not meant to be a gripe-fest, I am grateful for the experience of my internship...I'm just ready for a break!

Almost Done

So far I have gotten two stories published in the record, and two more are due tommorrow. One of the stories due on Thursday is about the ACLU President's speech at MTSU in celebration of the National Women's History Month. It was one of the coolest things that I have ever been able to attend. Nadine Strossen is a wonderful speaker, even if you do not agree with all of her views, she makes you respect them. I got a chance afterwards to speak with her and get a quote for my story. The story will be in the April 10th issue of The Record along with my article on the Summer Youth University program.
Finally, I feel like this semester is coming to a close. (I had to bribe myself with a trip to Florida right after my last final) Going to school full time, doing an internship, and working has been enough to drive all of us crazy. But such is life in the word of PR. I hope everyone had a great semester!


Well, lots has gone on with Collage since my last post. We made our final decisions about which pieces to include, the order they should go in, and which cover design to choose. Then we were all given printed-out copies of the magazine to edit--what a process! There was so much to edit and so many mistakes, but, of course, that's why we spend so much time editing. Since I had already edited the literature extensively, my eyes were hurting and it felt as if I were reading the same words over and over. This is definitely why more than one pair of eyes need to look over the magazine--luckily, we had about a dozen.

We had several days to look over the magazine on our own before meeting last Friday for a group editing meeting. It took a while, but I'm really glad everyone actually showed up and voiced their opinions on whether or not words should be changed, commas should be added or deleted, if the design needed to be different, etc. I'm not really a design person, so I was surprised at how much I noticed about that aspect and how much I agreed with other people's desired changes. But we went through, page by page, and everyone pointed out things they had marked. And today I got a copy of the edited version for me to edit yet again. But I think this is definitely necessary; you wouldn't believe how many misspellings we found. I just hope we get them all.

I'm really glad, though, that I can finally talk with people whose work was accepted. A girl I work with at the library had two photographs accepted, and I didn't even know she had submitted anything (since there were no names on the pieces we scored). It was hard to work with her for two weeks, not being able to tell her she was accepted. But she was very thrilled when she got the e-mail, and I was happy to read that a fellow MT intern's work was also accepted. Congrats!

So Collage is almost done; after the final editing this week, the magazine will be at the printer's. The last thing I'll get to do is distributing them to campus. (That will probably be a boring final blog.)

In other journalism news, I got a summer internship with Tennessee Wildlife magazine. (I did Collage as a practicum just in case I couldn't get an internship this summer.) Unfortunately, it seems I'll also be working with the television aspect and sending out a version of press releases to local papers about the PBS show. No offense to PR people, but that's not my major, and I haven't written any press releases since I took Reporting almost three years ago. Still, it seems like a good experience, and they are sooo flexible. Plus, it's only one day a week, so I'm not going to be losing too much in gas money driving to Nashville. Anyway, I'm just excited to have the experience of working somewhere that isn't on campus, and I hope this will look good on a resume and help me get a job when I graduate in August.

Good luck to all you lucky May graduates!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Incompetent Editors

Working for Sidelines is a lot more work than I expected it to be. Juggling a full-time job, two other classes, and two stories a week for the paper has been running me ragged for the past few months. But it all seems worth it when you see your blessed byline in print, and you actually feel like a real journalist. I've even been cutting out my stories and putting them on the refrigerator for my roommate to see. I know, i'm a dork. But on the other hand, there is no disappointment like the one when you work so hard on a story, especially to turn it in by deadline, and then it doesn't get printed. For example, I've been assigned some pretty dumb, unimportant stories (in my opinion, of course). But I finally got one that I was excited about: an article about a free outdoor show incuding MTSU student bands on St. Patrick's Day. If I picked up Sidelines on a particular day, I would be excited about reading this article. Well, needless to say, it didn't get published. Why, you may ask? Well, my news editor decided to turn it over to the entertainment editor, which makes perfect sense. What doesn't make sense is that the entertainment editor did not run the story because The Murfreesboro Pulse was running a similar story. Who cares what The Pulse runs?!?! This event was geared toward MTSU students, and who is the student newspaper? Sidelines! I rest my case. I did, however, learn a lesson: sometimes you're gonna work hard, and it's all gonna be for nothing. But that's ok, because you can't expect for every story you write to get published.

Track Story

This weekend I will be covering a Track Story for Sidelines. I have never cover any Track stories for Sidelines before so this time will be a new experiment for me. I like track but I am still going to have to read other stories about track to write about it correct.
Track is a really good sport but there is so many different fields in the game that have to covered that it can be very confusing.
Also, my editor wants me to get in touch with the coach and talk to him for some quotes. It might be very hard for me to get in touch with the coach because the match is on a Saturday away from and the story is due Sunday.
However, I am going to have to get quotes some kind of way. I can visit the website from media relations and get the quotes from them. But when I visit the website from media relations and get some quotes then I have to make sure in my story that I give them credit or that I cite the website.
I am really looking forward to writing this story. Writing this story will give me more experince with writing differnet stories about sports.


Wow, I have been crazy-busy I almost forgot to blog all my experiences! We have been working non-stop on the Equestrian Influence website trying to get it up and running. The online catalog is a lot of work. The process is complicated as well as tedious! But it has been a great learning experience. In a month I may be going to New York to meet with Mr. George Hearst who is backing us on the television show. That will be an amazing trip.

We are also getting the fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Hospital up and running. We're contacting corporations who want to participate. We already have Dell, Cisco Systems, Chili's, to name a few already on board. We help them through their conditioning because in October they have a big Team-Challenge course to do in North Carolina. The teams spend all year getting into shape and practicing for the big day where they end -up raising thousands of dollars. It's an awesome experience for the corporate teams who learn how to work together and network w/ other companies. For now, that's it but I have plenty more to fill you people in on!

Monday, March 27, 2006

It's Over

Well, my internship is over. It's kind of said because I had a really great experience working at the Athletic Media Relations office. I learned a lot, especially while working the SunBelt tournaments! I really got a feeling of how the industry works, and I can see myself working in it in the future! I am glad that it is over this early because this semester is about to kill me: I hate history classes! Now, I can spend the majority of my time finishing up the work I need to do. I hope that everyone elses internships are working out the way they wanted them to!

ACLU President's Lecture was Truly Inspiring

Well, I hope some of you made it to Nadine Strossen's lecture Thursday afternoon.
She gave a truly inspiring and refreshing speech.
Sometimes it can be hard to keep fighting for our rights in the current political climate. It is oftentimes an uphill battle.
But Nadine reminded us that a little humor can keep us going.
As she said: "I'd rather be a feminist than a masochist!"
Shana Hammaker

Getting Close to The End

It's almost the end of the semester, and I have so far really enjoyed working for The Pulse. I would hope that he would ask me to stick around and write some more for him. I am not sure if it will happen or not, but there is always the chance that I can write for him for free for a while because I'd like to get better at what I do and get some good stuff for a portfolio.

I am pretty excited. In the past issue of The Pulse, there was a letter to the editor saying thanks for the article about the S.P.I.R.I.T. crew and the ghost hunt. That was cool because that was my story and it feels good to know that something I did touched someone in some way. Looking at the article in the paper is cool in iteself, but actually thinking that there are people who I have never met that are reading it and possibly enjoying it, is kind of surreal.

I have been published in every issue of The Pulse since I started my internship. I have 5 published articles, with two cover stories. Pretty cool huh? The last article I wrote was about a music producer by the name of Jason Dietz here in Murfreesboro. He is a really cool guy and the article was pretty good. Not a cover story, but in my opinion it was the most enteresting story in the past issue. Maybe I'm just biased. Anyway, once again, go pick it up...check me out...if you like what I have to say, write a letter to the editor...that would make my day. Well, I am gone to begin probably my busiest week of this semester, so have fun everyone and read THE PULSE.

Only 5 weeks left!

Well I only have 5 weeks left with my internship. I think I will try and come back here after I graduate in December for an entry level position. I have made some good contacts and have heard about some job openings. I have an interview with Gish, Sherwood and Friends on Wednesday. It's an ad firm in Nashville. After I graduate I'd better plan on leaving Murfreesboro or else face the commute everyday.

I have been working on employee appraisals and analysis of the appraisals for about a month now. It is very boring and tedious but it has to be done. I have made spreadsheets filing the appraisals be "self" and "manager" and the go though and do analysis of the 13 categories. There are aver 100 employees at Passport so it is a long process. I have to finish it soon though because the next quarterly newsletter is due out in a couple weeks. This is the second newsletter that I have coordinated and I get to write more of the articles this time. I finished the CEO message last week. One the appraisal work is finished it will go into an article.

Another project I've been busy with is employee giving drives. There will be two opportunities to give; the United way and Mercy Children's Clinic will be our charities. Not only are we having the drive in the Franklin office but I'm also working with a women in King of Prussia, PA to have a similar drive on the same day. There are a lot of loose ends to tie up yet before April 10, the day of the drive. I'll let you know how is goes.

Wish me luck on my interview! I hope you are all enjoying your work as much as I am.

Justine Biola

More Hours?!!!

So this past week was probably the worst week in the office. I was so excited from Retreat - I was excited about everyone getting close and getting new things done for CUSTOMS. Then, that was all ruined.
In the CUSTOMS office, they hire a Graduate Assistant to help out with major duties and to assist the Student Coordinators (that's me) in any way. They are somewhat like another boss or supervisor, but they are also somewhat on the same level as you. Our GA helped out quite a bit - she was hired in January 2005, so she knew a lot about CUSTOMS and the way it works. Well, she had to quit because she was hired for a full-time position. Great for her, but not so great for me. My boss brought me in her office and told me our GA had decided to resign. The thing was I was going to have to increase my hours (say by about 8-10) so that I could take over things she was doing!
I kind of sat there in disbelief, I mean I'm glad that I get the new responsibilities and all, but 10 hours!!! I really don't know how I'm going to do it, but I will somehow.
Last week was crazy in the office, as I was busily trying to get myself more organized so I can be ready for anything. It actually wasn't too bad; I have never been so glad for the weekend though!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

MT Interns Sp 06

Since the Sun Belt Conference Tournament is over, my internship is too!......So, i now have my hands on a PR WEEK trade publication and Dr. Hinton said it would be o.k. for me to briefly summarize an article and try to relate it to my experience. Sad to say, but there is nothing in this journal that is sports related, but i did come across something that i would say is fantastic marketing and is related to my major: PR of the Recording Industry. Jose Cuervo, the number one tequila brand in the U.S, accounting for 50% of Mexican tequila exports and importing roughly $400 million last year, is running a national hip-hop lifestyle talent search. The program is being executed in partnership with LifeBeat, the music industry fights AIDS organization. The talent search is aimed at providing emerging Latino artists a platform to get exposure through competitions and performances nationwide. The five month effort, which ends in May, features hip hop artists Chingo Bling, and DJ Tony Touch, along with sponsors Machete Music, BRIDGEZ Magazine, Liebeat, and Wu-Tang Latino. The program was developed by executives from Diageo North America (Jose Cuervo's US marketing and distribution partner), US Concepts and RL Public Relations
Last week was fairly quiet at the office. It's been such a change of pace since the Annual Awards Luncheon is over. Much of last week was all about planning for the upcoming campaign season, which starts sometime in the fall (around September I think.) It's interesting for me to see how the duties shift around the office depending on what time of year it is. Much of my week was spent working on a new design for the campaign brochure as well as updating information on the fact sheet. Overall, exciting activities for me. I've discovered that I really enjoying the whole designing materials aspect of PR, and hope to find a job that give me a lot of opportunities to practice my skill. Not that it does me a lot of good now, but I do wish I had taken a few more graphics classes throughout my college career.

This past week I also attended my first executive committee meeting. The committee consist of Board of Directors members that chair a committee. I didn't realize how many committees there were or could be in such a small non-profit environment. I was interested to see how members of the board interacted with the staff as well as to listen to all the different stages there were to getting something approved. Another interesting fact to me was the make-up of the committee itself. I think community service is important, and was curious as to what type of peole, male/female, old/young, career backgrounds, etc., in Rutherford and Cannon counties are willing to donate their time in an effort to help the community.

Finally, at the end of the week, I had the opportunity to go to a few businesses that will hopefully support UWRCC in the coming years. I haven't had much of an opportunity to work outside of the office, so this was a pleasant experience.

I hope everyone else is learning as much and enjoying their experiences as much as I am. Only a few weeks left. Good luck with everything.


New Beat at Sidelines

Now, that basketball is over there will be a new beat for me at Sidelines. I will help with writing softball stories. I like softball so that will not be a problem for me to write those stories. I really like all sports so I can help write about any story dealing with sports.
This week is the last week of March. Therefore, the work at Sidelines is going to decrease becasuse finals will be coming up sooner then you now. April is coming which means that the school year is almost going to be over. We are half way into the semseter with Midterms and Final exams.
A really thing about Sidelines is that we get to have time off because of Finals which gives us time to focus on school. Most really jobs does not give you time off because of finals so working at Sidelines is a good thing for that reason.
However, since we are half way through the school year I still will not have a great deal of time on my beat like I did before.
When I cover basketball as my beat, I had a great deal of time to write the stories but that was at the start of the school year. I am happy to be this writing so it really doesn't matter.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

EMI CMG: Too Many Table Linens

I folded table linens on Friday (aka tablecloths). For five hours. A whole closet full of them. Couldn't even begin to tell you how many--not that you'd want to know. Our department wanted to replace the badly-stained ones with remaining funds in our budget before the budget rolls over in a few weeks. Each linen had to be unfolded, inspected (how stained is too stained?), then refolded inside-out so the tag denoting the size could be seen. This isn't your average sheet or towel-folding experience, either. Our linens range from difficult-to-fold round sizes to a few that are a whopping eight feet long! Luckily, the monotony of the day was briefly interrupted as I got to enjoy eating lunch with a fellow intern from Belmont. Still, I found myself longing to switch to my normal tasks--even sorting the mail was starting to look good! Anything to rescue me from the closet packed with table linens. My intern coordinator helped me fold the most difficult ones right before I left, so I did not have to fold ALL of them by myself, at least. All in all, I think I found about five of them to replace. I guess that averages to about one soiled table linen per hour. After this experience, I know the true meaning of intern "grunt" work. I didn't expect managing and folding huge tablecloths to be part of my internship experience. Any glamorous stereotypes I might have had of the music business have surely been shattered. Of course, there are times of momentary excitement (artist spottings, ultra-important meetings, etc.), but most moments are normal at best. It's challenging to keep a positive attitude when you find out you're going to be folding tablecloths all day. However, I found it to be my only option. If anyone else has stories about "grunt work" they've experienced while interning this semester, post a comment! May the best story win...

Last post ...

Well, yesterday was the last day of my internship and this is my last post. It was pretty calm yesterday. I wrote a few briefs, called all the police posts and sheriff's departments to make sure there weren't any mass murderers out there, threats of nuclear attack, that kind of thing. I spent most of the day watching the desk paginate on Quark. It seems like a pretty simple program to learn -- I just need to sit down and fiddle with it.

I'm leaving for Carrollton in the morning and I'm terribly excited. I finally heard from my cousin who lives in Atlanta. He's offered the spare bedroom in his house for me to stay in so I don't have to shell out the money for a hotel room. Carrollton is about an hour from Atlanta, but I won't mind making the drive everyday. My cousin tells me there's an aquarium in Atlanta that's top-notch so hopefully I can make some time to see it. I'm a big fan of aquatic life.

I'll need to find a trade publication to write the 3 page or so report that's due by the first of April. Maybe the public library here has something I can use. I'll check today since I'm going there anyway to make copies of my writing samples.

I guess that's it from my end of the spectrum, kiddos. Good luck to all of you during the rest of your internships. I hope you've had/have as much success as I have experienced. And if you're graduating in May like me, I'll see you there.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Last day ....

Today is the last day of my internship, folks. I'm sad I'm leaving the exceptionally nice people I've met at "The Gleaner," but I'm excited that I'm moving on to bigger and better things.

When I walked into work Wednesday, the managing editor had a message for me. The editor of the Evansville "Courier & Press" -- "The Gleaner's" sister newspaper across the river -- wanted to talk to me. I called him and we scheduled an interview for Thursday, the day after I return from my interview trip to Georgia.

Then, on Friday, I have an interview with the "Princeton Daily Clarion" in Princeton, IN which is 30 miles outside of Evansville. Odds are I'll eventually end up somewhere close to here, but moving to Carrollton, Georgia would be nice because I'll be closer to my parents when they move to Anderson, S.C., in late June.

Today should be interesting. I have no stories to finish, but the cop/court reporter is off since she works tomorrow and the girl who usually substitutes for the cop/court reporter is off as well. She suddenly remembered she had a wedding rehearsal to be at today. So, I've been assigned to do their jobs. I don't think I'm expected to go to the courthouse and dig up all the guilty plea records, but I'll have to keep an ear on the police scanner and write up fire runs and what not.

Thing is, I usually tend to tune out the police scanner. Hopefully I can train myself to listen carefully to it today.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

To Do List Heaven

Hey Everybody!!!
It has been a very good and productive list at The Media Collective! I have been able to make many checks on my to do list this week, which is really encouraging and exciting.
There continues to be GMA madness around the office (yeah, I am so excited:). As of our meeting today, we have around 40 media outlets coming in to interview our artists. My job for the next couple of days is to gather CDs of all the artists they are scheduled to interview and mail the CDs to them. Meanwhile, the publicists are sending them confirmation email with the schedule and updated bios and fact sheets. This has really taught me the meaning of "follow up". One of the things I am most excited about GMA, is getting to meet the artists and journalists in person that we correspond with at work. Also this week I made a contact media list filled with 102 media outlets (yes, very glad when I turned in the final copy) for our new Christain hard rock band Decyfer Down.
Another big thing that happened this week was a gigantic Mercy Me mailing for their new record "Coming Up to Breathe" (it is wonderful, check it out:). I worked some overtime just to get the press kits out in time! But it was really cool to see hoe they make each press kit different and personalized!
Have a great weekend everybody!

Finally, some encouragement in food land

So, I spoke with my editor, Rachel, on Mon. and I get to keep the job after the semester is least for the summer so that was exciting. Then, yesterday, the entire team sat down and discussed where we want to go with the Chef interviews that keep being put off for various reasons. I pitched pod casting and explained what I could to Rachel, but the other intern has some multi-media experience with whatever she's invovled in at Belmont and she does something with iMovies so she had a lot of good input as far as doing audio and video stuff for the site - which we decided is a must. A couple of us are going to go with Rachel to Vandyland since its closing and film while she interviews or something. All the details aren't worked out yet, but it should be fun. Jackie (the other intern) mentioned having a video of the kitchen instead of just the chef's face during the whole interview. And, we all agreed that the audio part would be tricky as she explained that editing would be hard because the background noise would be so loud it would interfere. We decided to still have the entire interview in print too, as a transcript - Pat thought that would be a good idea.

And, the book release is May 13, Davis Kidd Booksellers in Nashville. You all should be there!!


I'd like to leave a note about relationship-building at my internship.
Over the past couple of months I have gotten to know many people at my internship... most of whom have nothing to do with my position, or probably even know what it is that I do in the building each week. Many of these relationships have been created in casual conversation, at the coffee pot, the copy machine or in passing. I know Sue, the receptionist, very well... she allows me to go through a door that I do not have a key to every week. These relationships began as just casual friendliness and now have led to some really important contacts. I have been able to call upon many of my contacts for things ranging from advice to recommendation for a full-time position. In the beginning of my internship, I didn't realize the impact my "relationship-building" would have on my job search, and my internship experience in general. Often I was just making a joke with some guy at the coffee pot. Within an organization with such varried personalities and positions (many of whom I suspect do not even know that a PR department exists) it hadn't occured to me that, Joe the minister of missions, would ever be someone who could help me get a great design job a month down the road.

My goal is NOT to leave another "be kind to the little people" message... I simply have learned that who you know truly is important-- whether the individual publishes a major periodical, is a minister of missions, or simply lets you through a locked door once a week.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Greetings fellow interns. I received some awesome news yesterday...Collage accepted one of my pieces. This makes me feel good because I have been trying to get published with them for several semesters now. I was beginning to think that either I wasn't a good designer or that nobody understood my style. Either way, I am excited. My art teachers kept saying that it is a good practice as an artist to enter into as many contests as possible due to the various benefits they offer. I have been thinking about it some though, and I can not figure out what makes me happier; the fact that I am getting published (looks good on resume') or that a lot of people are going to get to see my artwork (which might move them to have an aesthetic experience) So I guess it is a struggle between what is more important to me; getting recognition or providing people with the opportunity to see something they might be moved by. Anyways....these are the things I have been thinking about when I am not fully immersed in something else. I feel like since about the end of Feb. I have hit some sort of rhythm with my internship. other job, and classwork. I do not feel as overwhelmed, but that does not mean that I am any less busy. I think that I am just getting used to balancing everything out and still getting quality work done. I guess we'll see how I feel about this "rhythm" when the semester winds down and finals hit. Holla.

Brain Storm

I know I've already posted today, but I forgot to on Friday.
Since the begining of my internship I've sat in on several meetings. My favorite type of meeting is a brainstorm session. The evolution of an idea can be rather odd. A single thought like a street sign can be easily transform into an entire campaign based around a village market.
In one meeting, in particular, the idea for an attention getting street signs made one teammate think of a song by the Doobie Brothers. The song them spirred a conversation about lyrics. The lyrics started a conversation about old times and high school adventures. Then we were talking about football games and a new idea was born for a tv commercial. BUT we still haven't decided on the original purpose of the meeting. Then out of the blue... A comment about how long ago village/communities depended on the market. Perfect!!! We have finally developed a basis for our program. The program is for internal use company wide. We need to figure out how to bring/guide other departments to us... the marketing department. How appropriate!

Long time, no see

Hello all! Sorry it has been so long since I last blogged. School and my internship have been keeping me very busy. For my internship, I have been working on a commercial. I got in touch with a guy from Comcast and held a meeting with him and the owners of the company to get ideas and quotes on advertising. It all went very well and we are currently setting up production for the commercial shoot. I have still been working on getting a media kit together for the company. My goal is to complete it and send it to magazines to try and get some product coverage. I find it difficult sometimes to keep my head on straight. Everything happens so fast and I do not even have time to second guess any of my work. Since I am mostly the PR department, I rely on past schoolwork and proffesors to help me through. The team really seems to like my ideas and they work well with me. I find it difficult sometimes to remember they have big jobs and it is sometimes difficult to get in touch with them. Everything is working out ok so far. I am working hard and enjoying what I am doing. The good news is that I know this is what I want to do with my life. As graduation nears, I can not help but be frightened of the whole job seeking thing. Anyways.....we are also going to a car show in Atlanta. I plan on getting some sort of event ready for that. We are also planning on aving our own car show. More details on that to come later! Good luck everyone and I hope all is going well!


Hello all you interns!

I don't know how many of you are graduating this semester, but I am. This is making it hard for me at this point to be extremely motivated at my internship. I feel guilty, but my supervisors aren't doing much to change this either because they are both so busy. I came into this gig with the hope that I would enjoy myself so much, that I would consider going into marketing instead of advertising. Unfortunately, this internship has merely reinforced to me that I should stick to advertising. I suppose this is a good thing. Better now than if I had taken a marketing job upon graduation and then discovered this conflict. I still believe that I could adapt to working in a marketing department, it would just have to be for a company whose product I truly believe in. I am still spending a lot of time mailing out promotional cd's, recruiting people for the Ana Laura street team, and responding to emails. Just an update, if you like Contemporary Christian tunes, Ana Laura, Brian Littrell, and Warren Barfield just came out with new cds, so you should check them out. I prefer Warren's album over the other two any day, but I haven't heard the entire Brian Littrell cd. If you are going to check them out though, his is the best. Warren's that is.

Be back soon.

Leslie Jones

All For One

MT Interns Sp 06

Comapany moral boost? Within DaVita we have a program called All For One. I attended the fist meeting which was a town hall meeting. There we were told-- through a series of meetings (within our color teams) we would be educated on the company's "culture."

Culture at Davita is everything. For example, the different cities are refered to as their team name. I work in Brentwood aka Team Music City. Often within the various cities there are department teams. Our department team name is still in development. Also, we are not referred to as employees-- we are teammates!

I hope, to be as lucky, to work in a firm like DaVita. Here we are a Village. All of the corporate offices and clinics make up the village. It really does take all the parts of a village to make teamwork possible.
A company as large as DaVita doesn't have to care.... but they do. So how's your company's moral?

National ACLU director visits MTSU tomorrow!

Hey y'all!
Just wanted to let everyone know that Nadine Strossen, the national director of the ACLU,
is going to be lecturing on campus tomorrow at 4pm in BAS S102.
She will be here for the National Women's History Month Celebration, so I assume she will be speaking on women's issues.
(Maybe about crazy South Dakota?)
I will be manning a table of ACLU literature for ACLU-TN.
It promises to be very interesting, and, since it's the ACLU, I'm sure more than a little controversial. :)
I hope to see some of you there!
Shana Hammaker

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

well its been awhile

It has been a long time since I have posted anything. There really has been nothing to write about. The most I have done in the past few weeks is put stickers on CDs and talk to my boss about different people's perspectives on work ethic. She and I have similar views. I really like her. She is very laid back and that makes working with her even better. I did help her tie up some loose ends with the mass wedding we had over a month ago. It seems as though one of the couples had problems with their license so the preacher that did the wedding drove about an hour out of his way to make sure that everything was taken care of. That was really nice on his part. There was another couple that was waiting on their certificate "with the gold seal" because that is what the bride got the first few times she was married. I did learn that you don't actually get certificates in some counties here in Tennessee. It just depends on where you apply for you license. So when you go to get married keep that in mind. So the next big promotion going on is the Spring Break and Shake featuring Bo Bice and Saving Jane. I am going to be there to work, but I am super excited about seeing Saving Jane. Bo Bice is cool too, but I'm really excited about Saving Jane. I know that I will be there helping to put up banners for the station, but other than than I really have no idea what I will be doing, but I will definitely take my camera. You never know when there will be a photo opportunity! It is kinda cool how they are doing this concert too. You can't buy tickets. You have to win them. It is at Gibson Guitar too, at Opry Mills, so it is small. I don't know what other promotions are going on, I am always the last to know! I do, however, know that there are going to be a couple of remotes that same day. They also do remotes at clubs on Friday and Saturday nights which is cool. I think it is definitely going to pick up here soon though. The closer it gets to summer, the more promotions they have. So we shall see what is up next!

Life in the Windy not Chicago

This day was a very busy one indeed. I didn't have to be in the office until 11:ooam today, but I had to leave way early to go take care of a parking ticket I received last week in Nashvegas. Down with the Central/Allright parking system! Anyways, I had to go find the corporate office this morning, which is located in a really obscure and hidden area of town. Luckily, the ticket was removed from my record (always a good thing).

I was behind on my clips from last Friday because I didn't make it in to work that day, so I caught up on my clippings today. I also worked on some packets for the the Tennessee Road Builders Association, continued on meth clips and went to the First Bank team meetings to discuss strategies for the up-coming commercial shoot in Lexington. I also made some follow-up calls for a press release regarding Hands on Nashville and worked on a phone questionnaire for Job Corps Chicago. The Job Corps questionnaire was my favorite task I worked on today. I like calling people and interviewing them over the phone, so I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I also ate @ a new restaurant today during my lunch, which was really good. I had lunch @ the Provence Cafe in the Nashville Library. If you haven't been before, it's worth going if you have the time. The desserts rock!

must be nice to go on fancy business trips...

This week at Bridgestone/Firestone it seems like everyone was on a big and important trip for the company. I can't wait for the day when I have a company credit card with an expense account that just pays for me to go somewhere for business.

My boss is in Phoenix this week at the Drive and Learn event, which basically is an event we do every year for managers of our Bridgestone/Firestone mastercare stores around the country.It's just an event to promote certain car companies using our tires as the factory tires that come on the car.

Next week a bunch of people are going to LA for the "drifting" event. Drifting is actually really's a really curvy race track and "fast and furious" type cars maneuver and do all kinds of tricks. I really hope to go next year if I'm still working here. Many of the drivers are actually stunt drivers in hollywood.

So next week while I'm stuck here doing media calls, a bunch of our PR coordinators will be having fun, but working, at Drifting.
more to come,

Im excited

So, today makes 3 weeks until Opening Day. I really am excited. I was not sure when I first started whether or not I would like to do a sports internship, but I am glad I did. Everyday I do something in preparation of the big day.

Most of the time I feel that I am the intern that they send away to do things, like appearance at little leagues, or elementary schools. On Friday I went to a benefits fair kind of like a career fair. Anyway, they are constantly sending me places with another intern. I was at first skeptical at why they always send me… I asked. They told me because I am the intern who has been here the longest. I guess this means it is a privilege.

Today I designed my own business cards that I ordered for myself. That was a good feeling. My boss told me that I needed to have them incase people want to contact me about tickets. If I don’t find a job before Sept (when my official internship ends), I will try to stay on with the Sounds. My job is great and I am very glad I choose to do it. The people who I work with make it all that much better. I have really built up relationships with all of them.

Good news

Greetings fellow interns. I received some awesome news yesterday...Collage accepted one of my pieces. This makes me feel good because I have been trying to get published with them for several semesters now. I was beginning to think that either I wasn't a good designer or that nobody understood my style. Either way, I am excited. My art teachers kept saying that it is a good practice as an artist to enter into as many contests as possible due to the various benefits they offer. I have been thinking about it some though, and I can not figure out what makes me happier; the fact that I am getting published (looks good on resume') or that a lot of people are going to get to see my artwork (which might move them to have an aesthetic experience) So I guess it is a struggle between what is more important to me; getting recognition or providing people with the opportunity to see something they might be moved by. Anyways....these are the things I have been thinking about when I am not fully immersed in something else. I feel like since about the end of Feb. I have hit some sort of rhythm with my internship. other job, and classwork. I do not feel as overwhelmed, but that does not mean that I am any less busy. I think that I am just getting used to balancing everything out and still getting quality work done. I guess we'll see how I feel about this "rhythm" when the semester winds down and finals hit. Holla.

Insert Witty Title Here

The Editor stopped in my office yesterday and told me he had called some big-shot with Scripps-Howard corporate to inform them he had a young reporter on his hands who was looking for a job. This woman told him to get my resume and send it to her so she could pass it out to all the Scripps-Howard papers. It was very nice of him to do this for me. It'd be nice if something fruitful came of this.

The Publisher also stopped by my office and talked with me a bit. Both he and the Editor inflated my ego a bit by praising me for all the good work I've been doing. That was pretty awesome.

I'm still having lunch with the Managing Editor and Editor on Thursday and I leave for my interview with the Carrollton, GA newspaper on Sunday. I guess if worse comes to worse and I don't get a good feeling from Carrollton and they don't offer me the job and I don't have any other prospects, I'll end up moving back in with my parents. That should be interesting.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Scene #4

So the lower-tier staffers finally figured out where to dump excess lumps of their own work – on me, of course. The past couple of weeks have seen me introduced to the full-throttle excitement of music and art listings. Done over a slow network connection and on irrational software, the whole process amounts to a pain in my ass. But at least I stay abreast of all the latest happenings. Woo-hoo!
Last Friday, there was another pizza-lunch meeting with a guest speaker, and yours truly got to go pick up $80 worth of Pizza Perfect pies for the event. This guest speaker was slated to be the one and only Judy Chicago – I don’t know who that is. But she was sick, so her husband/photographer sat in. He basically promoted the artists’ workshop he and his wife are conducting at Vanderbilt to help promote equality for women. Things got a little shaky, though, when he asserted that nothing has changed for women over the past thirty years.
Not even just a little bit?
No. Not at all
“At the risk of sounding extremely cynical,” the female editor stepped up to the plate. “What do you say to someone that calls BS on that, because frankly I just don’t feel oppressed?”
Two of the other three women in the room agreed with the editor while the third seemed to also lean that way without tipping her hand. But the speaker did have a solid point when he pointed out the ratio of men to women (13 to 4) in attendance at the lunch meeting. No one could dispute his point. Obviously, things aren’t equal, but has nothing changed?
Things lightened up a bit when Mr. Chicago (?) brought up the phallic symbols he believes dominates society.
“Look at all of the churches,” he said. “What better way to represent the very patriarchal organization of the church than with a giant penis on the church roof. And then you have the Bellsouth building with its two giant pokers.”
“So what you’re saying is, a pothole isn’t just a pothole,” The editor chimed in again.
“Then what does that make The Coliseum?” asked the managing editor.
“That means the church at the intersection of Woodmont and Hillsboro is the best hung church in the city,” said yet another editor.

On another note, it looks like the ladder golf story will run. The special projects editor e-mailed her edited version to me today. It looks pretty good. I definitely needed to lose some wordiness, but I just made the mistake of staring at the computer screen so long that nothing looked good. I won’t say I’m happy with the final product, but after decent editing, I like it a little better than I did. I do miss the line about the sister outfitting her brother with a lawn-dart hat and my warning against gluing the ladder to your porch, but I can make those sacrifices.

Back After Spring Break

Last week was my first week back after a very awesome spring break. I was back in the office bright and early last Tuesday. Tuesday was basically a transition day for me to get back into the groove of office life. I continued with a Job Corps project that I was assigned before the break. Basically, it was a research project that involved a lot of data entry. It was really tedious. Meth mailings are continually the norm, since it is an ongoing campaign with the Governor and the state attorney generals. I have also been working on meth clippings, as well as clippings on my weekly assigned clip day. I have also been running various errands about town, in addition to working on several writing projects such as a promotion release that will hopefully run soon. It has finally been edited. The girl I was waiting on to edit it before spring break, didn't edit when she said she would, so it has pushed back when it will be finished and sent to the state/local papers. I am so glad to finally be finished with the release. Thursday was a continuation of Tuesday. The only unusual occurrence was me having my FIRST WRECK coming home from work Thursday evening on I 65 South! It was really scary, but nobody was hurt and there was only minor damage to the car I rear-ended. The people I hit were really nice, which made the whole situation less traumatic. Friday, I had to stay home to deal with the insurance people. I waited on call backs for most of the day. I am making the day up that I missed at the office. My supervisor was really great about my unfortunate situation.

Spring Sports

So spring sports have started for all of the area schools in Wilson County. There is soooo much to do. It is absolutely amazing to me that my editor could keep up with everything by himself, which is exactly what he did before I started my internship. It is hard even for the two of us to answer all the phone calls. I am still having a great experience despite all the craziness. And I have also been asked to submit a resume to the managing editor, which I turned in last week. So there may be positive developments in the future. I look forward to that.

It seems like it is becoming more difficult to balance the interenship with my classes and my part time job. I just don't feel like there is enough of me to go around. It has been very hard to have enough energy to put into all three efforts. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who can say this. It should all be worth it in the end though. At least I hope.


There has been alot going on in the Mix 92.9 and Jack World since my last post. Last Saturday, I worked a Jack event at Coyote Ugly on 2nd Ave. This was very interesting! Coyote Ugly is a bar from the movie. The typical crowd was pretty much older red necks (no offense to anyone)! We gave away lots of stuff like matches, t shirts, and bumper stickers. It was really weird to go into work on a Saturday night at a bar at 10pm, but thats what keeps this job interesting. But I think we found out pretty quickly that anyone who goes to Coyote Ugly is more interested in drinking and the girls on the bar rather than our radio station. It was still alot of fun though and definitely not your typical working environment. There has also been some changes to our team. My supervisor was promoted to Promotions Director (she is still over me though) and one of the girls I work with was promoted to Promotions Assistant. It will be interesting to see how everything turns out since one of our coworkers will now be our boss. I know that it might be a difficult situation for some. We've also hired two new people to work for Jack. I was also offered a job but I turned it down because of my workload this summer. It was still great to be offered a position though and to know my hard work has not been in vain. I now feel right at home with everyone who works with me and I feel like I understand everything that is expected of me. I've also had more opportunities to deal with people. I call the winners of our contests and let them know details about what they've won. I've also dealt with our contacts at certain places like Gaylord and the Ryman. I've really learned how to deal with people and how to make sure our station is always in a good light.

Big News for RMC

Last Friday night was an exciting night for JimmyRodefer and all of Rodefer Moss. The Knoxville Area Chamber Partnership recognized and celebrated the business community during their second annual Pinnacle Business Awards. “Emeralds and Ice” was the theme of the black-tie, marquee event, which was attended by plenty of “movers and shakers” in the Knoxville business community. Six awards were presented to four business and two individuals who have made significant contributions to the Knoxville area business climate and communityand Jimmy won the Young Entrepreneur Award.

This award has brought attention to this firm in the Knoxville, Nashville, Greeneville and Tri-Cities business communities.

This event was great for our Marketing/PR departments. We have been releaseing information all day today, which makes for a fun day at the office.

Retreat's over - whats next???

Alright, so the reatreat I've been working on for the past couple weeks is finally over. And I must say, it was probably one of the best retreats I think I've ever seen. Everything went smoothly - we had business/training to get out of the way, and we for sure accomplished all of that. I guess all my event coordinating skills came out for retreat. However, one of the main reasons the Office of New Student and Family Programs has the Student Coordinator to plan a retreat is to created a sense of family within the SOA's. I do think that was accomplished as well - which makes me so very pleased!
Now that retreat is over, I will be busy working on the remaining 6 weeks of training, an all day training session in May, continuing educating SOA's on tours and flipcharts, and working with faculty and advisors on upcoming CUSTOMS sessions. I am really enjoying my position as Student Coordinator - and I can almost see myself going on to Grad school to continue in Higher Education so I could plan CUSTOMS as a full time job! That's way on down the line though. I am just going to keep on giving my best, and I am going to keep trying to make this year's CUSTOMS the best they have ever seen!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Post Spring Break

Last Monday was my first day back after a week off for Spring Break. Let me just say that I found it to be extremely difficult to get back into the swing of things. The weather at home for break was absolutely wonderful, and I think I caught a bit of spring fever. It's hard to believe that I'm on the downhill side of my college career, only 48 days left (including weekends) for those of us graduating in May. I can't believe how fast 4 years have flown by, it doesn't seem like very long ago that I was graduating from high school. I guess it's time to begin looking for a real, I'm definitely not going to know what it feels like not to be a student. If anyone has any good suggestions on where to search for Mass Comm jobs, specifically in PR..I'm interested.

Onto work. Last Monday was incredible monotonous and boring. Mass mailings are horrid. I'm not sure if I mentioned this in a previous blog or not, but one of my assignments for the Annual Awards and Recognition Luncheon was to make certificates for every company that had held a fundraising campaign or participated and any other United Way function throughout the year. The idea was for each representative to stop by a designated table and pick up their certificates at some point during the event. I was present at the table to assist with this. In theory, it was a good idea. In reality I think I gave out maybe 5 of 125+ certificates. Monday I had the task of finding an address and a contact for each certificate then address them all by hand. It took FOREVER. I sincerely hope every company appreciates their certificates because I dedicated many hours of my life to producing and sending them.

On a happier note, my current task involves designing the new brochure. I really enjoy graphic work, so I'll let you know how it turns out.


When is there not a deadline?

Okay, so I have been steadily working over at the newspaper. Never really under too much stress, but generally busy, at least til now. I am suddenly feeling the pressure of DEADLINE!!! Before it was, "Okay, Kelly your story (which was only one) is due a week from next Friday," but now it is, "Kelly you have three stories due to me by 11:00 a.m. by the day after tomorrow." Normally I would say no problem, but scheduling interviews, getting responses from people, and compiling the information into an enjoyable read is increasingly difficult. I have to say I do love the stress, I love throwing all of my energy into something that I enjoy doing!!! However, this would be a lot more exciting if I did not have to worry about school as well. I am finding gray hairs sporadically placed through out my head, all of which I believe have shown up within my last semester of my college career. Juggling school and work is a feat that I am having trouble conquering. Deadlines for assignments are now more difficult to reach along with the excelled grade that I generally like to come along with my work. I find that I am more worried about my work at the paper than my school work, which now stresses me out because I am scheduled to graduate in May. AAAAHHHH!!!! So I leave this with you guys, how do you balance deadlines and assignment due dates?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Another week @ The TMC

This week, I have been preparing new markeing material for all our sponsors for the TMC. Slowly but surely Shana and I have been working tremeondously hard in obtaining more sponsors around the community to support the Coliseum. So with that in mind, everytime we have a show coming up, it's my job to gather all the material for them, to get their restraunt or service out there. That takes up a great amount of time, being rather monotnous work, but it's all worth it because it does help their business. Anyway, I am learning alot about how to interact with different clients, in addition to also learning more about the horse business. Who would have known that I would learn so much about riding a horse, and how to compete in different shows or races. But this week was pretty rough with getting everything together, but with time and hard work i pulled through.

EMI CMG: Event or Pizza Party?

This week I was entrusted with my first actual event! My supervisors were going to a trade show in Nashville, so they let me handle planning lunch for 20 employees. "This is your event," they said, as they walked out the door. Occasionally, our department invites employees to a free lunch if they will agree to help us handle a huge mailing for an hour or so. They can label and stuff envelopes, cut inserts down to size, etc. It was my responsibility to order enough pizza to please 20 people, along with picking chilled sodas from the fridge to put into a tub with ice. I also rummaged through our storage closet to find enough plates and napkins. There weren't enough chairs in the meeting room, so I had to roll a few more into the room. I also hauled (heavy) boxes full of envelopes into the room. Since the flashy room was equipped with an impressive sound system, I picked a few CDs to set the mood. There was plenty of pizza became some people who had RSVP'd didn't show up. Those who came seemed to enjoy themselves, though. A few mail room employees helped, and they stuck address labels on the envelopes in record time! Overall, the event went smoothly, and I enjoyed being in charge of something for a change. While reflecting on my first "event" at EMI, though, I realized something. I had basically just planned a glorified pizza party!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Exciting times at UWRCC

The start of March was an exciting time at the office. The big community thank you event, the Annual Awards and Recognition Luncheon was held on March 1 at this really cool venue call Central Park, located in Murfreesboro. The facility is an old factory that has been renovated to be a banquet facility. Currently only one banquet room is available, but it was my understanding that the owner hopes to continue renovation at some point in the future. Some people at the office kept referring to the Factory at Franklin, so I'm thinking the concepts are similar maybe...I'm not sure.

The actual event itself went really well. Everything went as planned, to the relief of the entire staff. During the event, they were able to announce that for the first time since 1999 the community fundraising goal was met. It was definitely interesting to see the finale to what I know was a lot of hard work. It was a huge accomplishment for much of the community.

I think I mentioned in a previous blog about having the opportunity to help with the event planning some. I've never helped plan an event of that magnitude, so it was a learning experience. I think people often focus on the large aspects of planning like location, catering, etc., and I know these are very important aspects, but I think all the little details and extras make a huge difference.

Since much of my internship has related to the end of the campaign, I will be interested to see how things go and what I work on the rest of the semester. This past week was doing odd and end stuff...but I'll talk more about that later. On a side note, I hope everyone had a terrific Spring Break.

No Lethargy for the Leaving

The title is my take on the age-old euphemism, "No rest for the weary." I couldn't think of anything more witty.

But it's true. Today is Friday and by this time next week, my internship will be over. It's true. I have a week left and my workload certainly hasn't grown any lighter. I keep asking myself if I expected it to and I never can get a straight answer from myself. In fact, on Monday I'm interviewing a local bodybuilder for a huge feature. (This story would have been written sooner, but it's taken so long for this guy to contact us to set up a date and time for an interview.)

I'm wracking my brain trying to think of important lessons I've learned since the last time I'm posted, but I keep coming up blank. I wouldn't say I have nothing more to learn -- personally, I don't think a reporter is ever done learning -- but no new issues have surfaced lately.

I continue to butt heads with the photographers, mainly because I like to do my job independently and they like to do their job independently but there should be some give and take there. One photographer has this habit of sighing heavily everytime he passes by the assignment board. I'm not sure he realizes he does it, but it grates on my nerves. It makes me feel like he's frustrated with all the assignments I throw his way. He should be grateful! It's more fodder for his portfolio.

If anyone was wondering, the archery teams I wrote about last time placed second in the nation and second in the state Thursday. I wish I could have been there to see them compete. I wish I had been competing! I guess I'm addicted to archery now.


I have had to meet a lot of people working at Lead Marketing. Going from business to business leads for me to meet lots of different types of people as well. I go from day cares to car dealerships to doctors' offices. It is interesting to see the different types of personalities these people have.
Obviously my favorite type of people are the ones who welcome me at the door and want to listen to what I have to tell them, though these people are rarer than other types. While the opposite of these type seem like they would be my least favorite, they are often times the makers of the best stories. I have had people practically kick me out of their office at "hello." These are the ones that I am grateful for my sense of humor.
I think that my least favorite are the people who are just indifferent. I don't just mean this for my job, but in life as well. These are the people that when you walk in, they do not care if you are there or not. They might listen to what you have to say, but then forget two seconds later because they do not care about anything. These people are my least favorite because I could not imagine being like that. I just want to shake them and ask if anything matters to them. I probably get the least of these people, but they are by far the worse to talk to, or deal with in general.
While we do not often openly think about people's personalities, I have found in this internship that they are very important, as well as obvious, in our work and lives. I have learned that I do not want to be the indifferent person in my job or life, I want to enjoy it and be happy (at least for the most part!).

Quick, Stop The Emails!!!

I published a post last night, but it was never poseted, but if it suddenly reappears, I apologize for you having to read this twice!
Anways, "Quick, stop the emails" have been the words that I have long to say all week! Like most of you, I went home for spring break to catch up on sleep and relax! However, when I got back to work on Tuesday my inbox was overflowing with emails filled with things to do! In fcat, it took me 2 work days to complete everything! Also, it has been one of those weeks where I feel as though I have been doing everything wrong (getting the wrong contacts, editors, etc.). They are really nice about it, but I feel extremely bad because inside I am sure that they must be frustrated. ALso, as I have previously mentioned, GMA is coming up and the heat is definitely on for our publicists. There seems to be not enough time in their days or their artist's days! Watching them I have learned that you can't please everybody in this industry and some things are just out of your control; important life lessons!
However, even during my tougher days at The Media Collective, I am still very thankful to be there! Plus, I am learning so much from amazing publicists! For example, this week we have really been preparing for: Hawk Nelson's sophomore release "Smile, It's the End of the World!" (check it out on April 4; it is awesome!) and multi platinum band Mercy Me's fourth release "Coming Up to Breathe" (they sang "I Can Only Imagine"). I have learned many good techniques for press kits through these upcoming releases!
Everyone have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


This week I have lived and breathed press releases at Bridgestone/Firestone. Today, since almost everyone was out of town at conferences and such, I had to send out a press release to everyone on our Master Media List. This includes over 2200 people!

Needless to say, this was not an easy endeavor. I had to send out about 10 e-mails to get it to everyone. Too bad you can't send one e-mail to thousands of addresses at once!

I've had some pretty neat media contacts this week. I've talked to a writer at The New Yorker and a editor at Autoweek. Not sure if I can tell you guys what was discussed since it hasn't been printed yet, but it's fun talking with established journalists!

I've also been putting in results from surveys from our Chicago Auto Show participation. This is very tedious work because I have to analyze everyone's answer and make sure the responses are all received by the deadline.

Busy, but having fun!

Finally a Published Writer

This practicum with the News and Public Affairs Office has allowed me to get real experience. All I had to put into my portfolio was some school projects and newsletters that I had done for my work. (And a really cool resource manual I made in Dr. Hinton's class last semester) Now I have a published article to put in there.. Even though the story wasn't glamorous, it is really interesting to see something you have written mean more than a grade. It was also cool to see that my article link was on the front of the MTSU Web site.
Well, I just finished my second article and turned it into my favorite editor, Gina, to be published in the March 27th issue of The Record. I definately liked writing this article better because I found the subject, Alternative Spring Break, more interesting than writing about the Raider Xpress Shuttle. Gina told me that it would be featured in the People Around Campus Section. She also edited this story by adding in a few sentences. At first I took it as a let down because I had worked so hard on it, and I thought that she did not like it. After reading her changes, I realized that I had written a pretty good article, but I learned that I had not fully developed it to its potential. It allowed me to learn how adding in a little bit of colorful language especially in a Public Relations Publication can make your article more appealing to the reader.
Overall, I have really enjoyed my time at the News and Public Affairs Office. I have learned a lot about how a PR Office operates on a day to day basis. I definately am more proud of the work that I have done at this practicum than any assignment I have done for school. Now I have to start on my next article!

Sun Belt Conference

This is my second blog, i recently just worked at the Sun Belt Conference Tournament for my internship under Mark Owens for the Media Relations Department of the Murphy Center (Athletic Department.) My job consisted mainly of running stats and quotes to the coaches of the various teams during each media timeout. It was an easy task but very time consuming as i was there for seven days total and usually worked for ten to eleven hours a day. For me the best experience was being directly on the sidelines and interacting with the coaches and players because i was right beside them. I have to admit though, that by the end of it i was so sick of hearing cheerleaders screaming and pep bands blasting their tubas as loud as they could, because where i stood was right in the line of fire of all that noise. Everybody i worked with was really cool i didn't have any problems with anybody, even the security was cool. One of the security guys was with me everyday there and we got along really well. We just had fun laughing at the insanity of the fans and the stuff they would yell at the players. It was really a major event for MTSU to have this tournament because people from all over the country showed up, as well as ESPN, and several NBA scouts, and I was lucky enough to interact with all of them. Most of the games were blowouts though, and to be honest some of the women's games were alot better than the men's. Everybody's probably aware that the MTSU women won the tournament, and I'm sure that the victory is owed to not just the players, but Coach Insell as well. Im pretty familiar with his coaching history, because i lived in Shelbyville for two years and have heard of him through the grapevine, because my aunt is a coach as well. She coached women's basketball at The University of Miami, Purdue, and was a WNBA head coach for the Seattle Storm and is now an assistant coach for the WNBA's Indiana Fever, so that's also probably why i was more into some of the women's games than the men's. Because of her i've been around several WNBA and NBA coaches and players, been to many NBA games, had a phone conversation with Pat Summitt, and the list goes on. Basically being around her, and that stuff made me feel real comfortable being around all these other college coaches and players and even the NBA scouts.

Discouragement at Magellan

Well, coming back to work after spring break was not the most encouraging thing - mainly because Pat Embry was suppose to assign the other intern and I chef interviews. He hasn't yet. I asked one of the full timers if he was going to (because he wasn't in the office) and she said that we were just going to wait on that since things are going slower with the natinoal site than expected. I started getting anxious because I really wish I had a chance to get some more clips. I hope that there will be a chance to get more before the semester is over. Ugh.

So, in my small disappointment, I made myself feel better by thinking about all the things I'm going to do after graduation involving writing and features, while I was entering data like a damn machine. Don't get me wrong - this is a good job. It's just so slow going. I thought that since the project was a book and national web site that it would go very slowly, but I wasn't expecting having to find light at the end of the tunnel along the way. And, Magellan is hiring new people all the time, so hopefully the pace will pick up. Our team has grown tremendously since I've arrived on the scene. And, I'm suppose to be talking to the editor soon about keeping this job after the internship is over - because like i said, it is a GOOD job, and I would like to see the project through.

However, the good news is that the Nashville edition of "Where the Locals Eat" is being released at the beginning of May at Davis-Kidd Book sellers in Nashville and I will have two clips in it! Woohoo! I believe it will be on May 13th but I will update this blog when I find out for sure. The event is completely open to the public and 20 of the 47 restaurant winners from the book will be attending the event and offering free food. Ms. Cheap from the Tennessean will be writing about it as well. All the employees under Bill King, the man who owns Magellan Press and multiple other companies that occupy the same building (that have their own web sites) got to vote on which 20 restaurants from the winners they wanted to attend. I'm pretty sure the Sunset Grill will be there, but then there are all kinds of other little independent treats to look forward to as well.

Again, more scheduling!

I'm really digging into this whole scheduling thing. In fact, Rich, my boss here at Word Label Group, just allowed me to due some heavy duty strategizing with his master schedule for GMA week. I know he had to make a few changes, but the experience is allowing me to really sink my teeth into all the problems and concerns that can pop up when coordinating an event. For instance, when I'm scheduling interviews, do I concern myself with accomodating the artist or the interviewer? Which takes precident? Sometimes it is hard to tell and you can't always make everyone happy. You just have to make a decision and run with it and hope there are no train wrecks. It's all about taking ownership of your responsibilities.

new kid on the block

Well hello everyone! This is actually my first post on this blog and I am excited to read what everyone has been getting into this semester as well as posting a bit of my own. I am a senior media design major from Bristol, TN ready to take step out into the real world. But for now, I'm caught in this little world called "interning". I'm actually getting my credit from participating in something I have a passion in and that is event planning. I work at the Student Programming office here on campus as the council chairman (or chairperson) and hold authority over the four subcommittees we have within our council: concerts, films, fine arts, and ideas & issues. We are the ones that program, plan, promote and put on the major events you see on campus...and we even have our hands in other organization's projects as well. I help manage and present total budget requests for the special events we bring to campus. I coordinate hospitality and catering needs for special events and major concerts on campus. I also coordinate and supervise the event staffing for University sponsored events and assist in negotiating contracts and event riders for entertainment artists. does get overwhelming once and a while but I couldn't see myself doing anything else right now. Well I guess that's it for my introduction. Post a comment or two if you want and I'll be glad to respond!

Not enough time!

Well you can really tell how busy I am when I don't even have enough time to blog on here! Things have been extremely busy in the office after Spring Break. It's crazy how you think about all the things you need to do during your break - and then Sunday rolls around, and you realize you didn't accomplish any of those things. And then you come to the office and realize you have a million things to do!
Retreat is this weekend so I have been working long hours to make sure everything is in order. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of night and remember something about retreat. It's insane! I'm really hoping that everything goes well, and everyone gets along. Retreat is an opportunity for everyone to bond and begin all of their relationships. However, although retreat is a fun time, it's also a time to make sure the SOA's really know their stuff. There are lots of opportunities to teach them everything they need to know about tours, new freshmen, and advising sessions.
After retreat, things will continue to be busy until the very end of the summer! I'm really excited about everything, and I hope that my positive attitude continues to the end!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I love my job

So it has been a while, and there are a few things that I need to say before I go into how much I enjoy being on the hill.

I now have an internship at the nashville bureau. I still work on capitol hill.

My editor has been very helpful, and I have been learning a lot. I have been covering various committees, and following the budget hearings.

I am also working with my editor on a couple stories to send to other publications.

Hard Work

I'm not afraid of hard work... It's the hard part that bothers me. Not really. Within our marketing department we have a fully operational warehouse. March is national kidney month so we have been very busy here. Posters, letters, thank you cards, mobiles and signs were developed and shipped to clinics across the nation.

Since we are the only marketing department within the company to have a fully functional warehouse we had to be the distributors as well. Generally, there are only two people that work in the warehouse so everyone had to pitch in. Oh and did I mention that we only had three days to assemble our packages. Everything had to be counted and separated into their appropriate packages. We even had to build the boxes.

The first day I worked 17 hours. I can't imagine being sleepier. I just wanted to go home. Then I realized that the packages we were preparing weren't just for the clinics but for our dialysis patients. I was helping to bring a little cheer and support to people who have to endure something much worse than my exhaustion.... They undergo dialysis three to four times a week for four hours at a time. That is hard work!

So in when you think you are having a really bad day... Remember that one in nine Americans have Chronic Kidney Disease.

Celebrate National Kidney Month and educate yourself about the risks of CKD.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Time flies...when you are really busy

Hey everyone. It seems like forever since I last blogged...probably because it has been. I do not know where this semester has gone! It seems like it is flying by way faster than I would have imagined. Between my internship, 18 hours of school and my money-making second job I do not seem to have enough time in the day. I feel like I am always busy doing something. I realize that it is expected to have a busy last semester, but it was getting rediculous when I had been working 7 days a week for going on two months! Spring break was a much needed break from school and my internship. I guess being busy all the time has helped me hone my time management skills. You have to have strategies and plans in order to juggle so many responsibilities. I guess that two months into my internship I can honestly say that time management has been the biggest lesson learned. A close second would be learning how to work with super indecisive co-workers. Not all of them are indecisive though, just a couple. I feel like I have been producing some pretty good work so far. I feel like I have a lot of support from the rest of the staff. I guess I can say that I have a lot of creative flexibility. I am a graphic/layout designer for Sidelines by the way. (I thought I would remind everyone) Speeking of creative any of you have any feedback on the design elements of Sidelines this semester? I would like to think that I have brought a creative spark to the paper, but maybe not. Even though I have griped about being busy and whatnot, I am still enjoying myself. I just hope that life gets easier after graduation....yeah right. Have a good one.

a very unorganized internship

So far my internship has been anything but enjoyable. Most of the work is completed on your own time, which is good, but it's all done on the internet and can get very confusing. The lady in charge of my position just graduated herself. She recently started her first job and is just volunteering with Figures of Nashville, which is the company I'm working with.
We had a team meeting last month and discussed everyones roles and duties for the following months. I completely understood what I was suppose to be doing and wasn't worried at all. Well that all changed over the next few days because the woman over me started sending out numerous emails, which were always inconsistent with what she wanted. Every morning I would wake up and check my email, which was FULL with stuff just from her. I think she was confused with what I had originally been told to do because she was telling me something completely different. I eventually just called the lady in charge of everything to clear things up. So, I'm starting to get back on track. Hopefully the next few weeks will be better!

Bees, Bows and Busy-ness

Today was an incredibly busy day for me. It started at 8 a.m. when I rolled into the office and checked e-mail before starting out for Spottsville, Ky. about 20 minutes away. I was interviewing a beekeeping couple who owns Stone Hill Honey. They were quite nice and even gave me a free jar of their product. I'm sure it tastes fabulous.

Back in the office, I managed to get that story written before leaving for a local middle school where I interviewed a P.E. teacher who is also an archery coach. Competitive teams from the high school and middle school leave Thursday for a national tournament in Louisville, Ky. I met them again at the local campus of Murray State where the team practices in the gym. I arrived before the students got there and was able to shoot my first bow and arrow. I'd always wanted to but never had the opportunity. I ended up hitting the bull's eye after about 5 or 7 arrows. I love it. I'd really like to make it a hobby. I don't hunt so it would just be for recreation.

My internship ends next Friday. I fly out of Evansville, Ind., that Sunday for Atlanta where I'm renting a car and will drive into Carrollton. I'm meeting the managing editor of the "Times-Georgian" newspaper on Tuesday. I was starting to wonder if "The Gleaner" newspaper, where I'm interning at, was ever going to offer me a job -- David sat me down yesterday and told me I was doing a great job and they loved having me -- but the editor invited me to have lunch with him and David next week for an "exit interview." I don't know if it's to glean what I've learned for this internship evaluation or to offer me a job. I hope it's the latter. Wish me luck.

I may end up finding myself having to chose between here and Georgia. I've already come up with a list of pros and cons for staying here -- one of those cons being there is NO ONE around my age. I haven't been out socially -- friend or otherwise -- since early, early February. And one of the reasons I've been attending a church here regularly is to make meeting friends easier. Yeah, no. That hasn't happened. Carrollton, Ga., is a college town. There would definitely be people my age there to make friends with.

Like I've mentioned before, we'll just have to wait and see.

Let me see...

There's not much going on at the station. We're really just getting ready for our annual 103 WKDF Birthday Bash! It's going to be a pretty big deal. Lot's of people getting together to celebrate our 7th birthday with us. It's basically a big concert with about 5 acts performing. This year, the performers are going to be Joe Nichols, Little Big Town, Miranda Lambert, George Jones, and Craig Morgan. Tickets are available to the public, and although we don't open up the entire arena, tickets are almost sold out. I think the last count was 500 tickets left. Tickets are also fairly inexpensive (15 and 20 dollars), especially because of the talent that's going to be there. I can't wait for it. There's an exciting buzz going around the station, so that gets everyone kind of pumped up for the event. I'm going to help out the promotions team that day to get everything set up at the arena, like our station vehicle out in front of the GEC and hanging banners inside the arena, it's going to be fun....then of course, the concert and the awesome after-party. It'll be interesting to see how an event like this is planned.

scheduling, scheduling, scheduling

Interning at Word is about more than press kits and mailings. It's also about scheduling for GMA week. That is what I have been helping to do the last three weeks. The week leading up to the awards is going to be a crazy time for my publicist boss who is already stressed out with scheduling snafoos and disgruntled managers. We want all of our artists to have interview time so were trying to fill up all the slots. That's what I've been doing. I've been calling different media reps and have been trying to schedule interviews between all the artist luncheons, performances, prayer meetings, etc. I have really got a taste of how public relations is very much the task of coordination, but I'm still enjoying the whole process. And my boss, Rich, is great. He's got a dry sense of humor about everything and it makes me laugh through all the stress. Other than that, I'm really enjoying getting to meet all the artists. Rich tells me that I will get to put in some extra hours during GMA's as a greeter to many of the artists arriving to the events. I'm looking forward to the challenge of helping everyone find where they need to go and what they need to do, but I may eat those words come April.