Friday, April 28, 2006

Almost done, but not quite!!!

Well, guys the semester is wrapping up, but that doesnt mean my internship is over!! The CMA Music fest is one of the biggest things the Country Music Association does each year! The music fest is Jun 8-11 and I am going to be helping them out until then. I have learned so much this semester and I am really sad that it is over!! This will probably be my last internship because I have already done two! Next semester is my last semester and I am kinda scared about graduating! I hope to keep in contact with CMA and hopefully some day get a job there or somewhere similar. I was really impressed with the company and the employees!! This makes me realize how important it is to keep in contact with people. It also to know people in this business, but I am working on it! I hope everyone had as good of a semester as I did! I am going to write one more because I think I need one!


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