Thursday, April 27, 2006

Almost Done

My time at Word is almost over and I'm pretty sad to leave. Anna, of Myrrh Records, spent some time with me today putting some mailings together for the release of Jaci V, Nicole Mullins and Rachel Lampa's new greatest hits albums. I'm pretty sure I won't miss stuffing envelopes or making hundreds of copies but I am stoked to have had a hand in all this for a while. Rich invited me to a Word showcase on Tuesday that will wrap up my internship. He promised me that I would finally get to meet the other intern who works for him on the opposite days. I kid him all the time about how I don't think she even exists.

Right now I'm spending some time emailing my friends about the new "Pocket Full of Rocks," a new Myrrh label group, album. I encourage anybody who has time to visit and vote for their next radio single. My personal favorite is "Worth Everything." The website will let you listen to the top four choices.

Anyways, Rich promised me that he would let me write up a press release today so that I could get some real experience under my belt. I'm going to get to that.


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