Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Best Wishes

I hope this is not too late! I know today is the last day of class!
First of all, I am very sad that this interning position is drawing to a close. However, I am excited about getting to work this Summer!
Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day at The Media Collective. One of our publicists was in New York City with MercyMe, and so it was great to see how her trip went! I basically just did a lot of mailings. And I am also pitching John Tesh to 2 Las Vegas newspapers because he is doing a show there at the end of May. I was also doing follow-up calls and emails to other newspapers who we had previously pitched too. Somer were very responsive, others would not give us an answer either way!!! No offense, but newspapers seem to be the worst:0) It was a great day though; I got a lot accomplished!
Best wishes in the future everybody!


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