Thursday, April 27, 2006


And here we are, the end of the semester. For me, the end of the line. I am graduating in a little over a week from now. I have mixed feelings about that. I am kind of happy, a little proud, and very scared. I do not really think that I have received a very good education at MTSU. I know that sounds really mean, but I am being honest. I know you might read that I am just another slacker who is not willing to put the time and effort into getting a good education, but that is not the case. I feel like I was never allowed to nurture my creativity and express myself. It seemed like my professors were always telling me how THEY wanted it done, not how I wanted to do it. How can you find your own style if someone is always imposing their restrictions on you? I don't know. It has been fun, for sure, but I think I would have been better at a different school, or at least in a different department. One of my roommates is in the art dept. as a graphic design major, a and even though he isn't even a junior yet he can already do things that NO media design major can do. That isn't a dig at us MD majors either, I am just trying to point out that they have a much more rigorous set of classes that really push you to become better at design. I feel like I spent 85% of my time doing reporting and editing here 10% core and a measly 5% learning how to design. It just seems out of whack. When I look at some of the work undergrads are doing at other colleges, and even in other departments at our college, it makes me wonder if I didn't make a grave mistake choosing media design as a major.

That being said, regardless of how I feel about the education I got, I have made some unforgettable memories here. I have met friends and even a few professors who I will always remember. If that is the essence of the college experience, then I guess I had a pretty good college experience.


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