Friday, April 28, 2006


This is my last blog. I have definitely had a great semester. I hope everyone else has too. I am so glad that I got this internship. It was really cool. There might have been some small drama, but hey I was the talk on a couple forums for a few hours. It has also made me think about going in to radio, something that I said a little while ago that I didn't really see myself doing. I am glad thought that the semester is over because I really do need a break. I am almost done with school for a few weeks. I want to maybe do another internship where I can see a different kind of PR. I don't know exactly what I want to do, so I want to try a bunch of different things. I am also excited that there is hope for me to actually get a job in my field when I graduate. I know so many people that got out of school and aren't doing anything close to what they want to be doing. That won't be me. I have also discovered that I am not so bad at designing web pages promoting entertainers. I did a page for a friend that I work with. It isn't something that I would make a career out of, but it is something I could definitely do on the side for extra money. Well good luck to everyone on their finals and congrats to those graduating!


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