Friday, April 28, 2006

second to last

I am going to have to write two of these today because my internet decided it didn't want to work. I wish I could stay at my internship through the summer. That would be so great. I know that there will be even more to do and I will acutally have time instead of squeezing the time into my busy schedule. I know in the summer they also have more fun things outside like at Nashville Shores and other random outdoors places around town. It has also been cool how the radio station has been supporting our sports teams. Right now the Predators are in the playoffs and the station had a watching party at O'Charleys. That is just fun. I am glad that I made some of the contacts that I did, I just wish I had gotten to know everyone better. It was cool to learn that a lot of the people at the station have other things that they do on the side. You know, unrelated to radio. Some times it is hard to get away from something like a radio station, but they seem to. And they don't seem to let what other people, like fanatics, get to them. It is just a good atmosphere to be in. And even though I was at the station, I was listening to it before and after I got in and out of my car. I just never got tired of it.


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