Monday, May 01, 2006

One to grow on!

Im not sure if I have enough blogs, so if I don't here is one to grow on. I survived my first 8 game homestand and Im on to my second one. I have many jobs during the game. Sometimes I work the fan relations booth. This includes sitting behind a both and dealing with fans and their problems. For instance, I had to take care of a problem when a fan was very upset because a player cussed them out after they heckled him. I had to tell them, "Im sorry but we are not responsible for the players. We are sorry that this happened." I also am in charge of the promotionsl drawings that take place. After certian innings I pull a name from a box and radio up to the announcer to tell them who one he then calls them out. If Im not doing the fan relations booth, I help the promotions team. With this job, I walk around the stands giving out free cupons, like if we strike out a certain batter everyone gets free windsheild whiper fluid. Thursdays are my favorite though. I am a beer girl on this night and I make alot of money. I was asked to do this by my boss and no other intern wanted to do it. (they thought it was beneath them to pour beer) I on the other hand knew the this meant lots of tips. In my first hour I made $100 this makes up for the lousy pay I receive as an intern. The best part about this is that sometimes I can jsut go sit in the stands and watch the game. My most imortant job however is I am the person who writes the standings for all AAA minor leagues and for the major leagues. You would not believe the people that keep up with this stuff. I have people with score keeping books who wait behind me and fill in their books as I write each teams standings. I hope that this is enough blogs I did not keep up with exactly how many I did. I really love my internship and I am so excited that I had this opportunity. It was a great experience!


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